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Evolve Pistol 1

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Ready to push yourself beyond the concealed carry training limits? Come EVOLVE with us and get ready to incorporate the skills needed to fight and win. EVOLVE 1 Pistol is designed to get you to understanding proper EDC gear (everyday carry), holster positioning, draw techniques, and moving your body while understanding how to perform with your firearm.

* Dependable handgun

* Eye/Ear Protection (Amplified Ear protection preferred)

* 4 handgun magazines (6 if you have a single stack firearm)

* 250 rounds of ammunition

* Ability to carry 2 loaded magazines on body in a secure manner at all times; i.e. chest rig, battle belt, EDC belt

* Comfortable footwear

With all course please hydrate, avoid sugary drinks and heavy foods, and please have healthy protein snacks.

These courses are structured and designed to push the student beyond the limits of traditional range shooting.

For training gear needs, please visit the below: for all your gear needs (pants, shirts, boots, bags, etc.) and enter code NOCBT20 for 20% savings. (for all your cleaning supply needs)

*Always check local weather and dress accordingly*

*Prerequisite - Student should have basic understanding of the features of their handgun and have of fired a handgun before.

 BE PREPARED for when there is No Other Choice!